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  • Kazrami
    Meat Shits: Violence Against Feminist Cunts,album, review, tracklist, mp3, lyrics19/20(1).
  • Tashura
    May 14,  · Eww. This is the 'carne t-shirt' from Los Angeles-based 'street subculture' clothing line The Hundreds, and it has a naked woman cut up like pieces of meat on it. The 'details'of the shirt that The Hundreds provides are especially disgusting: Mmmm. Carne. Oh, sorry, I got a bit distracted there. Not that you really care, since you’re probably mesmerized by the lovely Shay Maria, but this one.
  • Vudor
    If, like me, you love yourself, then you thoroughly enjoy eating meat. Steak. Bacon. Brisket. Maybe a nice pork butt cooked low and slow over a maple/oak blend, with just the right rub, spritzing it with apple juice and bourbon so that the bark sets just right.
  • Dilmaran
    Jan 29,  · SHOCKING footage shows a woman tied to a gate and being beaten by an angry mob after she was allegedly caught poisoning a local dog. Filmed in .
  • Dusar
    Patty tried to pull apart the straps holding her down, but it was impossible, they were too tight and thick. With almost a dog like instinct, she tried chewing on the straps. Mrs. Fisher laughed at the site. "Gee, I have not even started to train you and you are already starting to act like a puppy!" Patty looked up to her with tears in her eyes.
  • Yotaur
    Oct 07,  · Chopped up naked chick aka Meat is murder. and if this shocks you then good maybe it'll serve to get off your ass and start protesting and do something against a big corporation that is responsible for destroying the family farms and creating GMO products which is currently creating a food crisis that will eventually lead us into.
  • Zolorn
    Mc Cuntkiller (zpěv) Agoraphobic Molester (kytara) Whoremonger (basa, zpěv) Whomb Destroyer (bicí).
  • Vitaur
    Recorded at Electric Eel, Seattle, WA. Originally mixed at Electric Eel. Remixed from source masters Remixing at Blacklake Audio.

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